Learn How to Run Successful Facebook Ads to Double Your Leads and Your Sales

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Dominique Broadway
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Hey, My names Abu! I've been teaching business owners how to run Facebook ads for over 14+ years. (I know it's been a long time)
Over the last few years we've helped over 10,000 business owners generate more than 100 Million in Sales collectively in their business. (We've even been featured in FORBES magazine because of this!)
What is the Power Your Launch Marketing Accelerator?

The Power Your Launch is an online marketing accelerator designed to help business owners who want to sell online by teaching them how to put together marketing campaigns to generate leads and increase sales.

Step-by-step lessons, worksheets, workbooks, and more.

  • What will you learn?
    What You'll Learn:
    How to Target your Ideal Customers
    Power of the Pixel & the Step-by-Step Installation Process
    How to Outline Customer profile for targeting
    How to Outline your customer objections/painpoint
    How to Create your targeting lists of potential customers
    How to Build a funnel and your customer journey from scratch
    How to Write Ad Copy that will resonate with your audience
    How to Outline your Offer and Benefits
    How to Run ads (Learn the ads manager)
    How to Put together ad campaigns from end to end
    How to Analyze and interpret ad data and results
    How to Create ads from scratch
    How to Scale with ads (intro to retargeting and scale)
  • What is inside the curriculum?
    The Curriculum consists of these modules:

    Module 1: Your Audience - Defining & Creating Your Audiences
    Module 2: Your Offer - Crafting An Irresistible Offer
    Module 3: Your Message - Clarifying Your Messaging & Writing Ad Copy
    Module 4: Your Funnel - Mapping Out The Customer Journey
    Module 5: Module 5: Your Ads - Building Your Campaign Start To Finish
    Module 6: Post Launch - What Happens After Your Launch

  • How long will it take to complete?
    Power Your Launch is designed to take you only 4-6 weeks.

    The program was created to implement as you consume the content.

    With that said, please do not rush through the program. We've had many people try to finish in record speed only to not actually understand what they just consumed.
  • Program Format + Expectations
    The Program Format
    Curriculum: Structured, comprehensive training, teaching you what to do

    What to Expect:
    - 12 Month Access to Power Your Launch: Program + Curriculum + Updates. Complete and up-to-date, step-by-step Program curriculum to guide you to running effective marketing campaigns. This 12 month container is intentional, during this time you can consume content, access our exercises, workbooks, and spreadsheets.

    - Templates, Exercises, and Workbooks. Follow a structured and very detailed roadmap that consists of a well designed curriculum. Access everything you need to find your ideal customers, create a better sales process, and build better marketing campaigns.

But Is This Really For Me? EVERY Business Needs Marketing...

There's so many moving parts to running a business, and you may think to yourself that maybe marketing isn't a priority right now...

The truth is, there has never been a time like this in the history of marketing before. We live in an age of viral posts and increasing brand loyalty & evangelism on social media... People are seeing brands online every day, and if yours isn't one of them, you are leaving money on the table.
We'll cover everything you need to
know in order to be successful
This course was built on a frame work called "The 5 Stages of Effective Ads." And these 5 stages will give you the solid foundation you need to run your ads.
ADD ON THESE Additional Bonuses

 (Normally $1800)

This is a self-paced program with curriculum ONLY

The Core PYL Marketing Accelerator Live Curriculum - 30+ hours of pre-recorded session, covering (1) Launch Successful Facebook & Instagram Ads, (2) Find Your Audience Online (3) Drive Traffic and Convert it to Sales (4) Establish Clarity around your Offer (5) Write Compelling Copy, (6) Build Funnels from Scratch (7) Create and Automate your Marketing System.

 12 months access, which includes checklists, frameworks, templates and a core program workbook to turn you into a Facebook ads & marketing pro.

​Create Facebook ads consistently and effortlessly through our 5 Stages of the Effective Ads Framework, attract the right customers who are ready to buy. ​

Write effective copy for your marketing campaigns that truly resonates with your audience using our Copywriting Conversion Code Framework and templates. ​

Build your own Sales and Lead Funnel System that'll allow you to begin putting parts of your marketing on autopilot. ​

Identify customers who are ready to buy using Customer Placement Map Process, a framework to helping you identify and craft better content for you audience, so that you can deliver the right message at the right time, to the right audience. ​

Prepared Marketing Learning Assessments, that’ll provide you with actionable feedback, and guidance, so that you can evaluate and measure your impact and progress. ​

Set up the Perfect Marketing Campaigns, learn how to launch effective ads using our Rough Draft Ads Template so that you can limit your mistakes and put together effective marketing campaigns. ​

Redesign and Increase your sales with our Retargeting Framework, that’ll teach you how to re-engage with users who have already interacted with your brand so that you can maximize your budget and increase your profitability

​Identify winning ads and effortlessly scale through our Introduction to Scaling Strategies framework, so you don't have to guess.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does this program start?
    This course will start once you purchase. This is a recorded class. You have 1 year access to the program content. Once access expires, you'll have to renew to continue access to all the materials (including bonuses).
  • Do I get one-on-one support from Abu?
    No, this program does NOT include any one-on-one's with Abu. This is a self-paced program, meaning once you enroll you get access to the curriculum ONLY. This does not come with any coaching component or community.
  • Who is this course a good fit for?
    This training is for those who are looking to learn how to market their business better online, learn a new skill, get better at running Facebook and Instagram ads online. The curriculum and trainings support BOTH products and service based business owners.
  • Do I need to have an existing business already?
    No, you do not need to have an existing business. Come in and learn a new skill. If you do already have a business, come learn how to grow it with ads.
  • How soon will I see results? Are results guaranteed?
    It's actually illegal to guarantee results. And although we've helped thousands at this point and hundreds make 6-figures, and hundreds more hit 7-figures; a lot of your success is determined by you doing the work, being open minded to learning something new, and being relentless in wanting to test our new marketing strategies and learning.
  • How long do I have access?
    This program is only valid for a year. This is a 12-month access program. After your access expires, you'll have to renew your access. You have access as long as you're a paid member.
  • Is this training in person or online?
    This training is exclusively online and self-paced!
  • Is there a refund policy?
    There are no refunds.